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Does your member of parliament recognize your legal right to a healthy environment? Help us find out!


In the lead up to the October 2019 federal election, we have a unique opportunity to identify and highlight which candidates and parties are willing to commit to supporting environmental rights. We need your help to carry out this plan.

Since 2014, volunteers across the country have organized to secure municipal declarations recognizing the right to a healthy environment. It has become a runaway success, and now 170 municipalities representing more than half of Canada’s population are now on board. Using this same approach, we are now turning this effort towards the federal level, and we hope to achieve the same incredible results! With enough MPs on board, we can secure commitments from parties in their election platforms.

There are several ways in which you can help make this happen:

  • Email your MP and candidates in your riding and ask them to sign the MP Pledge
    Email your MP 
  • Organize to secure MP Pledges in your riding, using our
    MP Pledge Toolkit


MPs who have signed the pledge

 .   Dorine Doright, MP for Western Canada, 

  Catherine McCanna, MP for St John

 .    Joyce McHurray, MP for the rest of Canada

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This toolkit will give you everything you need to organize a local effort to bring your MP and candidates to sign the MP Pledge.
Download our Pledge toolkit



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Acknowledging Traditional Territories


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